This Earthquake-Proof Bed Automatically Swallows You Whole

To protect you, of course.

Earthquake-proof bed automatically encases and protects sleepers

If the bed’s a-rockin’, that’s usually a good thing. When it’s a bad thing (i.e. amidst a natural disaster), you have two choices: 1) Be crushed by whatever falls on you or 2) Drop into the handy survivalist bunker built into the bed, shown above and featured in the video below.

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Whether you’re sleeping or otherwise engaged, naturally it’d be jarring to be quickly swallowed into the pit of your bed. But hey, at least it’s much less scary-looking than the potentially limb-severing devices depicted in this animation. (What’s up with the freakily upbeat organ music?)

Assuming the bed produces a minimum of false positives (no earthquake, but drops you) and negatives (doesn’t drop you when it should), it seems like a good concept. Especially given the unpredictability and number of earthquakes, as pointed out in the above video.

Of course, water and food bars may get you far; but just the same, you should probably also have a survival kit nearby, not to mention a reliable escape from your building. Also, what happens when the ceiling collapses on top of you, entombed in this bed, and you’re stuck there for all eternity? 

Just curious.