Our Favorite New Kitchen Tool Bakes Spoons You Can Eat

Scoop. Snack. Repeat.

Turn doe into a usable

Okay, right off the top, yes we know there are chocolate covered spoons you can use to mocha-ize your hot coffee. These things are way better.

The Edible Spoon Maker is just what it sounds like, using any kind of doe to forge utensils you can use and then eat (as a bonus, skipping that whole cleaning step).

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In cooler times, chili and chowder seem like savory scooping targets. But hey, baking chocolate peanut butter cookie dough into an ice cream spoon sounds like a mighty nice way to do dessert. Then again, nothing says you can’t just use waffle batter and set yourself in front of a big old bowl of syrup.

If these possibilities sound tasty to you, go to their contact page to be notified when it’s available. And before you know it, you’ll be a real-life spoon man.