The Eero Wants to Save You From Spotty WiFi

It’s the hero that Hulu deserves.

Even the most well thought out WiFi setups are all too often unable to deal with the demands of high-quality streaming, as evidenced by half-loaded websites, stuttering Hulu clips, and the always-buffering movies you’re totally not bit-torrenting. You can invest in range-extenders, but dead zones will always exist; you can call Cablevision again and again, but routers will always need to be reset.

Well, not if Eero has anything to say about it. A new system designed by the guy behind the always-thinking smart thermostat Nest, the pod-shaped device is being positioned as a frustration-free solution to your WiFi woes. Plugged into an existing setup, Eero claims to create a “mesh network” that blankets your entire home in reliable service (you’ll likely need multiple devices to cover large spaces) and sets up via an app in 60 seconds. It also runs diagnostics on itself and existing setups, automatically installs security updates, and reboots when it encounters a problem. We hope it lives up to its heady claims and so do many others — Eero’s already sold $1 million in preorders. [From $125;]