These 5 High-End Cameras Take WAY Better Photos Than Your iPhone

Leica, Nikon, Canon, Pentax and Sony are changing the camera game.

The lens and camera systems in phones have gotten astoundingly good, but photography is about much more than selfies and Instagram posts. For artistic types out there who want to get technical in their pursuit of the perfect still image, hardware is half the battle. 

Check out five of the best new cameras on the market that will put your iPhone to shame.

Leica Q

Maybe the most impressive camera on this list, the Leica Q actually bucks the trend of its competition by offering super high-end picture taking abilities in a (somewhat) compact form and a fixed-but-versatile lens. The Q oozes all of Leica’s style and quality…and even comes with new finishes like Khaki leather. $4,199.95 (Buy)

Nikon D5

Longtime Nikon users will love the larger, square body of the D5. The choice of professional photographers everywhere, excellent images are all but guaranteed when shooting on the D5 with its updated sensor and processing unit. The D5 also sports Nikon’s widest ISO range ever, making it capable of shooting in lower light than any other camera in this elite class. $6,469.95 (Buy)

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon’s high-end DSLR brings all of the company’s experience and heritage to the forefront with the remarkably tough 5D, even though Canon doesn’t advertise any ruggedness from this particular model. An exceptional burst mode, Dual-pixel capabilities and built-in wifi connectivity make the 5D a great option for serious photographers who have an appreciation and knowledge of the tech side of digital imaging. $3,099 (Buy)

Pentax K1 Mark II

Pentax is one of the older names on this list but that doesn’t diminish the quality of the cameras they make or the images those cameras take. Their flagship K1 Mark II leverages years of evolution in their cameras with newer tech, similar to the HDR abilities that make smartphone cameras so much better than they used to be. The end result is a tough and versatile full body SLR that doesn’t disappoint. $1,865.95 (Buy)

Sony α9

Sony’s Alpha line of SLR cameras has been impressive since its introduction. Pushing the possibilities of a mirrorless lens system, the Alphas can do innovative things, like shoot digital stills and video simultaneously. 

Not to mention that those stills come out great thanks to Sony’s adapting some of their terrific point-and-shoot tech into their professional large-body line. The α9 pushes Sony’s typical camera tech in almost every way, from the meticulously crafted controls to oddball inclusions like an ethernet port built into the body for fast and easy networking not found in any other camera of this class. $3,998 (Buy