Watch Elon Musk’s Boring Co. Run a Massive Tunneling Machine With an Xbox Controller

This is amazing.

Here’s a novel use of technology. 

While Elon Musk has been having a pretty crappy couple of weeks—slammed for smoking weed on Joe Rogan’s show, lost members of Tesla’s board—he’s still got some interesting stuff going on, like sending giant machines into the earth to make tunnels for super-fast trains.

Elon Musk getting musky

Let’s be frank, running those huge machines with an Xbox controller sounds like an idea from someone who just smoked a bomber joint. Yet it’s undeniably amazing to watch.

Electrek explains why Boring Co. workers were even bothering:

Currently, boring machines, including the one used in the Hawthorne tunnel by the Boring Company, require a worker moving around with the tool in order to guide it in the right position, which is both inefficient and dangerous.

It looks like the startup is attempting to find new ways to control and place those sections.

Who knew playing Xbox might lead to such an awesome sci-fi kind of job? 

If new ways to run those massive machines end up as simple as attaching them to game controllers, a lot of high school kids might end up with awesome summer jobs, courtesy of the Boring Co.