This Temperature Adjusting Mug Keeps Your Coffee Exactly How You Like It

Commuting game-changer. 

When it comes to your steak or martini, you’re quite particular about how they’re prepared and served. Yet, when it comes to your daily caffeine habit—the thing that starts your day and keeps you going—you settle for coffee that’s too hot or cold 80 percent of the time (plus or minus 20 percent). With a simple twist of the Ember mug or swipe in its app, you can control the exact temperature of your favorite warm beverage. And it maintains that temperature all day long on its special wireless charging coaster.

This cheeky British actress further explains:

Just like other travel mugs, it’s leakproof and can keep beverages cool as well. Best of all, its geekiness is subtle. A little touch-activated screen tells you the current temperature and battery status. But when it disappears, you’re just looking at a sleek black travel mug, which is available on Indiegogo for the discounted price of $129.

Photos by Ember Technologies