The Essential Backup

With quick charging times and clever embedded charging cables, the Mophie PowerStation Plus is the backup battery that belongs in your briefcase.

There are a lot of portable backup chargers out there. Like, a lot a lot. But the new Mophie Powerstation Plus is the one you should be relying on to refuel your ailing devices. Here’s why: About the size of a pack of Dentyne, the brushed aluminum box looks less like a piece of tech and more like a companion piece to your money clip. And it’s smart, too, with fold-out charging cables tucked inside (available in either Micro USB or Lightning), a refuel rate twice as fast as a standard charge cord, and, the ability to know — and dole out — the correct amount of power each device needs. It’s available in four different capacities, from a 3,000 mAH version that will revive your smartphone twice, to a 12,000mAH one good for eight refuels; all of them still manage to stay slim enough to fit in your breast pocket. [From $80;]