Watch This Exploding Red Ball Extinguish Fires in Seconds

It’s basically a grenade in reverse.

Toss this exploding ball on fires to extinguish them

At some point, most (if not all) boys say they want to be a firefighter. Sure, we grow up and our vocational pursuits change, but some part of us yearns to valiantly battle blazes … and we’re given these glorified squirt guns to get the job done at home. That’s bunk.

Elide’s patented Fire Extinguishing Ball is a really manly way to put out a fire. You lob it on like a grenade, the fire’s heat activates its explosive elements, and BOOM: no more fire.

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It’s a pretty simple concept and its benefits include being safer (yes, safer) and more reliable than traditional extinguisher tanks, which require maintenance, training and immediate proximity to the fire.

In fact, you don’t even need to be in the room for it to work. It’s less fun, but you could just install it in an area prone to catching fire (such as near massively overextended power outlets, Christmas trees or wherever you choose to flame-roast your turkey with a drone).

And remember, whatever you do, please do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.