The Fallen Furniture Cluster Bomb Goes Booze, Not Boom

The liquor cabinet is made from the shell of a 1970’s-era cluster bomb.

Some prefer to house their liquor in hardwood cabinets; others, in hinged globes. Were we to showcase our single malt collection in a stylish cabinet, we’d opt for the hollowed-out fuselage of a former weapon of mass destruction. The Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet, crafted by UK-based Fallen Furniture, is made from the shell of a 600-pound Royal Air Force bomb. A pair of doors on the cabinet swing open to reveal an led-lit interior with three glass shelves that revolve around a gold-plated rod; at the bottom there’s an American walnut shelf complete with custom-made cocktail utensils. The cabinet stands eight-feet tall, costs more than $53,000, and will almost certainly cause guests at your next cocktail party to make a lot of lame “da bomb” jokes. []