The Fall’s Best Geeky Gadgets

This month’s picks for gadget-lusting geeks.

This month’s picks for gadget-lusting geeks.

Watch Me Sweat

The new Nike+ SportWatch GPS acts as a personal trainer on your wrist, tracking your route, measuring the quality of your exercise, and allowing you to compare your workouts to your friends’. We like to use it on the bus. “Look, I’m jogging at 57 mph!” $169,

Smart Set

For the price of three shares of Facebook stock, the Vizio Co-Star will turn your regular old HDTV into a smart TV, able to wirelessly stream everything from the big game to the latest blockbuster, and the QWERTY-equipped remote means it’s simple to use. Go ahead—we dare you to think of a better way to blow a Benjamin. $99,

iPad, Meet Joystick

Angry Birds aside, touchscreen controllers make most iPad games a drag to play. The Evolution Drone mobile-gaming control, out this fall, connects to your iPad or smartphone via Bluetooth and features dual joysticks, digital D-Pad, six face buttons, and two shoulder buttons. You’ll be able to reach levels of Temple Run that you never imagined. (Spoiler alert: Level 12 is pretty much exactly the same as Level 1.) TBA,

Beats Your Phone

Smartphones make snappy pics and vids a breeze, but let’s be honest: The quality usually sucks. Enter the super-small Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100. This teensy shooter takes ginormous 20.2-megapixel pics and HD video. You now have a movie studio in your pocket. $650,

It Will Get Loud

Clad in stainless steel, completely portable, and capable of Spin¨al Tap–worthy volumes, Jawbone’s Big Jambox—the best-sounding, best-looking wireless speaker out there—connects via Bluetooth to your iDevice. It comes in three colors (if you do too, see a

doctor). $300,