Fat Geeky Guy Previews the Star Wars Lego Rancor Pit


Will you love it to pieces or smash it to pieces?

The Pitch: Lego’s coolest new kid’s construction set based on Jabba the Hutt’s favorite pet, the mighty Rancor.

What it really is: Lego’s coolest new toy for full-grown geeks. It’s simple. It’s fun. It belongs on your desk. Not only do you get the Rancor and Luke, but you also get the Gomarrean guard and that chubby guy who cried in Return of the Jedi. Now the bad news: It won't be released until 2013. Lego announced a new theme-based construction set every day at Comic Con this year, including LEGO The Lord of the Rings & LEGO The Hobbit, and DC Comic Superheroes and Villains. Is there anything Lego hasn’t made?  It’s like they read our minds. We’re kind of scared.

Maxim.com Press-Ready Blurb: “Go directly to your Darth Mall or you’ll be playing solo!” - Maxim.com

Who’s it for: People going through Episode VI withdrawal; dudes with geek-caves with a little extra space in their display area; Lego maniacs who want to build other stuff from Rancor pieces.

What's Cool: You can use the parts of this set and the Hobbit set to make a "Bilbo and Rancor: Best Friends!" diorama and then become king of the Fan Fiction universe.

What’s Extra Cool: Han Solo. The dude’s frozen in Carbonite.

What’s Missing: Princess Leia in that sick-ass metal bikini made from squishy Lego pieces (sorry that’s my kink – I’ll keep it to myself).

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