Finally, Apple’s Magic iMac Accessories Go Rechargeable

Disposable battery makers everywhere contemplate life as they know it.

Even though the refreshed iMac line announced today includes speedier processors and amazing¬†4K and 5K Retina display models, for some reason the big news seems to be that Apple’s introducing wireless Magic accessories that don’t require the use of disposable batteries. (Welcome to the 90s!) Just a 2-hour Lightning-to-USB connection can fully charge each accessory, supposedly powering them for “about a month or more of usage.”

Other improvements:

  • The new Magic Keyboard ($99, $30 more than the previous version) features a slimmer profile and 33% more key stability
  • Magic Mouse 2 ($79, just $10 more) is lighter, smoother and more solid
  • Magic Trackpad 2 ($129, double its predecessor) features 29% more surface area, Force Touch and a satisfying click

Okay, Apple. You might have won this round.

Photos by Apple