Finally, a MagSafe Charger for Your iPhone

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas.

What do you love most about your MacBook charger? The satisfying snap when you plug it in? The fact that you can accidentally step on it and it’ll just disconnect, instead of jettisoning your laptop across the room with it? The fumble-free design that makes it easy to attach when you come home drunk and can’t feel your face? There are too many reasons to choose just one. Finally, that same tech can be applied to your beloved iPhone.

While not technically affiliated with Apple (and therefore unable to claim the proprietary “MagSafe” name), Kickstarter success story ZSNAPS is churning out an adapter for your phone that would easily allow it to hook up to a magnetically enhanced charger. They’ve already crushed their funding goals, with plans to sell their First World Problem-solving gadget for just $9.

Isn’t the future beautiful?