Meet the World’s First Modular Jet Ski

The only jet ski that will fit in your car.

We don’t like trailers. Actually, let us be more specific: We do like movie trailers. We don’t like jet ski trailers that add expense and weight and hassle to us just getting into the water and taking off. So we do like the idea of the BomBoard.

Because it comes apart in four manageable pieces—the largest of which weighs about 90 pounds—that means you can just pop this personal watercraft right in the trunk and hoist it out when you reach the shore. Once fully assembled (duh!), its 450cc engine can bound the average rider across the surf at up to 45 MPH. Bonus: you can put the whole thing together in 60 seconds.

You can reserve one with a fully refundable deposit through Indiegogo for as little as $250.  Or put down more to get yours earlier. But either way, it’ll be a while before you’re bounding across the surf. They plan to do product testing through rentals in fall 2016, with purchased watercrafts available that winter.

Photos by BomBoard