Overpower The Outdoors With This Fearsome Machete Axe

You know you want one.

Fiskars Machete Axe will tame all vegetation

We’re not saying regular gardening isn’t manly. But it’s considerably more epic event when you’re wielding Fiskars’ 29-inch Machete Axe ($55) to hack your way through pretty much whatever unwanted brush you find in your way.

Its rust-resistant 18-inch blade is great for swinging at tall grass, roots, saplings, thin branches and other vegetation that needs clearing. Because it’s curved, you can pull-cut vines and suckers. Plus its head can be used as an axe or saw for thicker branches—or alternatively, as the most badass burger-flippin’ spatula ever.

To keep everything under control, the long, contoured handle features special dimples for your fingers and palm to get a solid grip without worrying about blisters. You can choke up and use the sharp tip for more precise cuts. It even has enough room that you could adopt a Bjorn Borg-like two-handed grip on the thing, should the overgrowth require it.

The end of the handle flares out, to help prevent unwanted lacerations, decapitation and the like. It features a finger guard. And of course, it comes with a protective nylon carrying sheath.

Make no mistake, if anything around the homestead, hiking path or campsite needs cutting, this is your implement of choice.