Five Things You’ll Need This Summer

These five objects take fun to the next level — indoors or out.

These five objects take fun to the next level — indoors or out.

Light Foot

When it comes to hard-court kicks, extra ounces can turn your Jordan jump into an earthbound slump. The featherweight Adidas AdiZero Crazy Light basketball shoes are the lightest ’ballers around, tipping the scales at just 9.8 ounces. $130,

Master Blaster

Think of it as IRL Halo. The WowWee Light Strike laser tag blasters can be juiced with attachments that up their light-based firepower: a snap-on grenade launcher for shrapnel shots, a sniper scope for long-range takedowns, and a machine-gun bipod for rapid-fire fragging. Not included: a friend. $40,

Sun Beats

No plug, no batteries, no problem. The off-the-grid Etón Soulra XL iPhone dock gets its juice via a built-in solar panel that lets you kick out the jams at the park, beach, or hobo shack. $300,

Twist and Shoot

More flexible than a Romanian gymnast, the three-inch LCD on the 16-megapixel Nikon D5100 camera can swivel for waist-level spy shots, overhead aerials, and angles that could get you arrested in 11 states. $900,

Shifting Plates

The grate on the 48,000 BTU Stok Quattro 4-Burner Gas Grill can shift form like Voltron, thanks to swappable grill plates that turn the meat-melter into a griddle, pizza stone, or veggie tray. You just got served. Now go check out some more awesome grills! $349,