WATCH: Flame-Throwing Drone Roasts a Turkey Mid-Air

On the up side, it was already dead.

Connecticut teen Austin Haughwout made the news a couple of times this summer—for good or bad, both in drone-related stories. In his latest video (below), you’ll see how to roast a turkey 2015-style. Yup, he’s rigged up a flying flame thrower. Given the alternatives, a bird on a spit isn’t such a bad target.

As a proof of concept, it’s cool. But one does have to wonder about the applications. Perhaps it could somehow assist its fire bombing counterpart in conservation efforts, helping to prevent the spread of forest fires? Or maybe a drone could carry a blowtorch to help military and rescue agencies breach doors and locks and stuff?

Either way…this thing is FIRE! Sorry. So many incendiary possibilities. We just wish we had had this for Thanksgiving.

Photos by YouTube