This Tricked Out Tube Lets You Float Like Royalty

The deluxe tube keeps your drinks cold, phone dry, and music crankin’.

Who says laziness can’t be an art form? Tubular, a new high-end water companion, aims to up the luxury factor for tubers everywhere as they bob downstream or lounge atop a pool, bringing lethargy to new new heights—but hopefully not depths.

This first-class floater comes packed with all the amenities your lazy ass deserves:

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  • An electric pump and large air valve to go from flaccid to floating in under two minutes
  • A removable personal flip-top cooler and two cupholders for your booze of choice
  • A Bluetooth speaker to pump some tunes while you kick back
  • A removable, floating dry bag to keep your mobile devices safe

Other conveniences include an oversized seat with backrest and mesh bottom, plus a tug rope to link up multiple tubes. It’s got a few weeks left to meet its goal on Kickstarter; the special crowdfunding price is under $100. But best of all, it’s a 4-season recreational wonder, durable enough to zoom down snowy slopes as well. Consider this an investment in your future laziness. 

Photos by Tubular