The Floating Home is the New Yacht

You won’t exactly be sleeping with the fishes, but you’ll be pretty close.

When it comes to luxury ocean dwelling, yachts and cruises have been the pinnacle of extravagant leisure, but the Kleindienst Group in Dubai is swimming leagues ahead of conventional water palaces with their newest project. The Floating Seahorse is technically a boat, but it looks more like a plush villa bobbing in the water. Perhaps the most impressive architectural element is that the master bedroom and bathroom will be housed completely below the surface, affording you marine views that until now, only fish were lucky enough to take in.

The three-level houses will feature a fully-fitted kitchen, dining room, and upper sun deck outfitted with a glass-bottom Jacuzzi. The current plans are to build 42 of these mini water mansions in 2016, just off the coast of St. Petersburg in Dubai. If you were ever considering a move to the Middle East, now might be the time to start packing your bags. But don’t forget the snorkel gear, just in case your living room springs a leak.

Photos by Kleindienst Group