Yes, You Deserve Your Very Own Private Yacht Island

The swankiest way to cruise the seas.

There are models…and super models. Villains…and super villains. Sizing and…you get the idea. And in a way, this jaw-dropping sea-worthy concept combines all of those supers. Because you’d pretty much have to be super hero to even conceive of living aboard one of these gigantic private yacht islands, sure to attract James Bond-worthy uber babes.

Seriously, look at these upgrades. Based on an unconventional (not to mention enormous) floating platform design, they combine the amazing luxury of a cruising residency on The World with the privacy and scale of being the lone master of a tropical resort island.

What’s even better, they all have a different look and feel. Naturally, when floating within earshot of the shore, you’ll want to bop over to the mainland on your jet capsule mini yacht for the day. You know, pick up some exotic fruits in the marketplace, maybe play some baccarat, invite your most cunning adversary back to the ultra-ship for dinner…

But if you’re going to own one of these, the most important thing you need to do is master this phrase: “I trust you found your helicopter ride to my floating yacht island most com-for-ta-ble.” (Extra points if, before uttering the phrase, you spin around in a high-backed chair petting an amazingly fluffy cat.)

Perhaps it could be a private utopia for you and several dozen of your closest friends
Yacht Island Design

Photos by Yacht Island Design