This Mesmerizing Floating Record Player Is Every Vinyl Lover’s Dream

A vintage audio design company is taking your favorite records to new heights. 

There are few things more delightfully hypnotic than watching a vinyl record slowly rotate around a turntable. Sadly, it’s a luxury we rarely get to enjoy: most record players spin horizontally, encased in a heavy plastic cover to avoid errant dust from ruining your copy of Dark Side of the Moon, and turning the entire contraption on its side makes playback inconsistent at best.

Gramovox is here to help. The vintage audio design group whipped up a “Floating Record” that lets you play your vinyl keepsakes vertically without the danger of poor audio quality.

The design is relatively simple: a spring and carbon-fiber arm keeps the needle in place on a record’s surface.  “We’ve engineered the Floating Record to flawlessly play your vinyl vertically and output full-range stereo sound,” explained Gramovox when they first launched their Kickstarter campaign to produce the player back in July. “We deconstructed the elements of a premium turntable setup and reconstructed them in a manner that maintains their high-performance standards

Complete with a walnut base and built-in speakers, this vertical turntable is perfect for anyone who loves to bask in the glory of their vinyl collection — and listen to it, too. It can be yours for just $399.99.

Photos by Gramovox