You Know You Want These $50K Gold-Plated Skis

You may be going downhill, but you’ll do it in style.

Gold-plated bindings highlight these $50K skis

At first glance, “Foil” sounds like a weird name for a ski company. Do their skis somehow help you spoil the plans of baddies in an epic Alpine chase? Is it a metallic reference to the gold-plated bindings of their special edition Or0-Nero skis? Nope, it’s more scientific than that.

Like with the airfoil that enables flight, it’s describing a smooth flow—as they put it on their website, “the effortless, elegant movement of an object across any surface.” In this case, the object being you and the surface being whatever peak you seek to tame.

Beyond the 14-karat gold that adorns the glorious bindings, poles and inlays, a wealth of fine materials comprise this sporting equipment, including 8,000-year old Bog Oak, bamboo and rubber, mixed with graphite, carbon and stainless steel. These skis really are a thing of beauty (for the sake of performance).

A super-classy leather ski equipment bag
A sweet leather travel bag holds your super-classy ski equipment (Photo: Foil)

To finish off the $50,000 package, everything is customized, from the length of the skis and poles to how the bindings are set to your monogramming on the naturally tanned fine Italian leather travel bag.

On the one hand, the kind of guy who’d strap these on would almost certainly enjoy the luxury and solitude of heli-skiing. But who are we kidding? These things were clearly meant to be shown off to as many people as could possibly be snowblinded by their shiny glory.