The Force Training Bulletproof Briefcase Does Exactly What You Think

The bag’s fold-out shield stops shotgun blasts, also light enough for a child to carry.

Whether you regularly conduct business in dangerous locales or your company’s hostile takeover has become a bit too hostile, the Bulletproof Briefcase can keep you safe. As handy for holding annual reports as it is stopping a hail of gunfire, the obviously-named eight-pound messenger bag features a stow-away shield that unfurls with a simple tug. Able to defends against handguns, shotguns and pistol caliber sub-machines as well as blunt or edged weapons like knives and bats, the three-foot blanket is made of lightweight military-grade ballistic nylon. Protection purposes aside, the generously-pocketed hauler is large enough to fit a laptop, paperwork, and plenty of gauze. And if you’re really concerned about your safety, may we suggest pairing it with this sharp ensemble? $799;