The Toughest, Techiest Alpine Helmet Money Can Buy

Definitely the coolest way to cover your melon on the slopes.

You know how epic a run you had. And now you can quantify, show and share it, with the Forcite Alpine Helmet. While seriously tech-enabled, it’s a super protective piece of head gear first. But it certainly packs a laundry list of cool functionality too.

The wide angle camera shoots image-stabilized high-def video at up to 4K. Built-in walkie talkie capabilities allow you and a buddy or two to chat helmet-to-helmet several hundred feet apart. GPS lets you track and relive your most killer carvings. Wireless ear speakers let you groove to music or take calls. And it even features a bright built-in flashlight. Although you can use the app to see a live feed, more likely you’ll relive, edit and share your adventure after (so while distracted, it doesn’t literally become a killer run).

This helmet is over halfway to its goal on Kickstarter, where you can pre-order it for $649—which seems like a decent value, given all the functionality packed in.

Photos by Forcite Helmet Systems