Ford’s ‘Lane-Keeping’ Smart Bed Keeps Bed Hoggers On Their Side of the Mattress

Finally, a smart bed designed to make bed hoggers stay on their own damn side.


Ford’s newest invention aims to make mattress hogs stay in their lane. 

The automaker’s European branch has unveiled a so-called “Lane-Keeping Bed” that ensures partners always have equal amounts of sleep space.

As demonstrated in the video above, pressure sensors detect when an active dreamer strays to the opposite side of the mattress and trigger an integrated conveyor belt that puts them back where they belong.


Ford claims that one in four people in relationships sleep better alone. If that’s true, just think of how many marriages could be saved from “sleep divorce” by this smart product. 

Like Ford’s noise-cancelling dog kennel, the Lane-Keeping Bed is only a prototype in the company’s “Interventions” series of innovations that extend beyond the car industry. 


The design was inspired by increasingly common driver-assist technology that prevents unintentional drifting in new models like the 2019 Ford Ranger

What will they think of next?