The Foreo Issa Toothbrush is a Sexy Dental Hygienist

Put some money where your mouth is.

The electric toothbrush: keeping uptight people’s teeth shiny and bright since 1954. Kidding, but no one could argue that this bulky bathroom gadget didn’t need an update. Fortunately, the silicone experts (not that kind) at Foreo used versions of the technology from their Luna face-cleaning/anti-aging device to create the Issa, the first electric toothbrush that draws on the sexy, user-friendly design Apple has been peddling for years. Sure to be a real instrument of pleasure, the Issa combines high-intensity pulsation and soft silicone bristles for a deep, massaging clean, while the super-flexible brush heads means no kernel of Smartfood is safe. The entire gadget is nonporous silicone, minimizing bacterial build-up, and the Issa is designed to be unfussy: it will last six months on one charge, and the head needs replacing only annually. Draped in bodywork befitting an Alfa Romeo, the Forea Issa is significant upgrade for your morning. [$199;]

Photos by Foreo