The World’s First ‘Vision-Powered’ Smart Suitcase Will Follow You Anywhere

This groundbreaking “seeing” suitcase is the ultimate carry-on sidekick.

ForwardX Ovis Promo

Looks like the carry-on luggage game just got a whole lot more high-tech.

The Ovis, an autonomous carbon fiber suitcase, is being billed as the world’s first “vision-powered carry-on.” San Jose-based robotics company ForwardX equipped the luxury luggage with Computer Vision that can recognize its user and analyze surroundings.

Like a good dog, the Ovis will roll alongside its owner at speeds just over 6 mph in “Side Follow” mode. If the software senses an obstacle—like an oblivious traveler sauntering aimlessly with their head buried in a cell phone—then it automatically drops back and continues following from behind.  

The accompanying “Smart Alarm” armband has an integrated tracking feature that sends an alert when the Ovis is over 6.5 feet away via a smartphone app. 

Other innovative features add extra levels of convenience. A GPS-enabled tag allows you to track it in real time when an airline inevitably loses your luggage. 

A TSA-approved digital lock automatically secures the Ovis and automatically opens when the armband is within a preset range. Additionally, a built-in weight sensor will keep you from accidentally packing too heavy. 

Its battery is good for two round trips, and the 10-pound unit is also compliant with most international and domestic carry-on requirements. 

If you want to tow your luggage the old -fashioned way, just grab the sensor embedded into its handle to switch from auto to manual mode. 

The Ovis retails for $800, but early-bird backers can get it by December for $320 on Indiegogo. 

See more photos of this ultra-sophisticated suitcase in the gallery above.