The World's First Augmented Reality Motorcycle Helmet Is Shipping

It'll be here sooner than you think.
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Skully AR-1 augmented reality motorcycle helmet

Skully AR-1 augmented reality motorcycle helmet (Photo: Scott Tharler)

Almost 15 months after raising millions on Indiegogo to become the crowdfunding site's most successful technology campaign to date, the Skully AR-1 augmented reality motorcycle helmet is...well, a reality. Although we didn't take it for an actual ride, we were able to experience some of its finer features in a live demo from the show floor here at #CES2016.

The augmented reality visual experience is delivered via a tiny heads-up display screen just to the right of your right eye. With a quick glance, you can see your speed, who's calling you on the phone, a map with turn-by-turn directions and the view from its blindspot-killing 180-degree rear camera.

An "Okay, Skully" prompt activates voice commands that can play music through its built-in Bluetooth speakers, get a weather report and more. It takes about four hours to fully charge, offering back a four-hour high-tech riding experience.

You can order this helmet in black or white and any of five sizes in their store for $1,499. They told us it may take them a few months to get caught up with their thousands of preorders. But that'll work out so you receive yours just in time for a spring ride.