Grill Your Food With the Power of the Sun

A greener, easier way to barbecue.

GoSun Grill solar oven

What if you could grill your food without any charcoal, fire, smoke, or electricity? And what if you could do it outside? Walking the corridors here at #CES2016, we stumbled onto something that’ll change the way you think about summer barbecues once and for all.

Currently available for preorder, the GoSun Grill ($599) solves several shortcomings of regular barbecues. Namely: They’re hot and messy, and require fuel and focus to cook. By contrast, you can pop enough food to feed eight into this crafty tabletop wonder and in the same time as a traditional BBQ, it’ll roast, steam, boil or bake your vittles to perfection.

How does it work? Glad you asked. Sunlight penetrates the vacuum-sealed glass cylinder, which uses parabolic reflectors and a special inner coating to retain up to 550 degrees of heat. And yet, it’s cool to the touch, rarely burns food and easy to clean up after.

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They offer a couple of more portable options. But for this one, they’ve got accessories planned that include a solar panel-laden stand that’ll use laptop-sized batteries to enable electric cooking at night. Although we’ve heard rumblings about the GoSun since last year, we finally have a ship date: summer 2016. 

Welcome to Grilling 2.0.