The Fugoo Tough XL Can Rock a Party, Survive A Run-In With A Truck

The Fugoo Industructible is more like it

Drop it, dunk it — hell, drive over it: The Fugoo Tough XL is built to survive nearly any abuse. Better suited to a truck bed than a briefcase, the brick-like 14-inch-long, 4-pound speaker, shelled in fiber-reinforced resin and fortified by an aluminum cage, delivers 100 decibels of bass-heavy sound bolstered by eight acoustic drivers. Neither sprinkler-soakings nor falls down five foot jagged cliffs hurt the speaker, so we flung it out a second story window and drove over it with an SUV. It survived nearly unscathed, save for a few deep scratches on its casing.  The only thing more impressive? Its 35-hours of battery life. $330;