Furniture That Hides Your Weapons in Plain Sight

Pieces of furniture that deliver peace of mind.

If a career in espionage is in your future, or if you just like being prepared for all of life’s “what if” moments, your house will need some custom upgrades to stash the goods.

Enter New Jersey Concealment, a company that proves tasteful design can also be deadly. All of their furniture surreptitiously stores whatever gear helps you sleep at night, from firearms to knives. They’ll even custom-build pieces based on harder-to-fit items, like broad swords and nunchucks.

Anything from a coat rack to a coffee table to a shelf is carefully equipped with secret compartments that slide open or reveal themselves with a touch of a button. But safety comes first—they’ve also got multiple lock options to ensure your arsenal is properly protected.

Built from high-quality woods like cherry and oak, these pieces are equally at home in your pad or James Bond’s lair. 

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