We Have Seen the Future of Footwear

Sorry, but these sneakers may be smarter than you.

Digitsole and Zhor Tech Smartshoes

Last night at Unveiled, the first big press event of #CES2016, we saw robots, laptops, cameras, health and fitness devices, and much more. But a few hours and several thousand steps later, one gadget stood out: the Smartshoe by Digitsole and France’s Zhor Tech. (Maybe it was from all that walking in Vegas.)

A follow-up to Digitsole’s Warm Series from last year, these shoes—in sneaker, shoe and pump formats—also offer remote heating (for not just yours but others’ in your family as well, all from the same app). And yeah, they track your footsteps and calories. But that’s probably what you’d expect from techie footwear in 2016.

Even better, you can use your phone to individually loosen and tighten these kicks for a perfect fit (a la Back to the Future). And along the way, it measures not just motion but shock absorption. In other words, it tells you everything you need to know about walking around. Oh yeah, and did I almost forget to mention they offer a projector beam so you can see where you’re going?

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As we continue to wear layers of tread off our reasonably comfortable everyday shoes, we’ll be thinking about this futuristic footwear throughout the week. And reporting about what we find along the way.