G-SHOCK’s New Connected Gravitymaster Isn’t Your Ordinary Smartwatch

This black beauty is designed with aviation experts in mind.


(Photo: G-SHOCK)

Most smartwatches are designed with tech geeks and step-tracking fitness fiends in mind.

Not the new connected G-SHOCK Gravitymaster GPW2000-1A from Casio, however, which is tailored for aviation experts. Still, just about anyone with a wrist will find use in its souped-up capabilities.

(Photo: G-SHOCK)

For starters, this bluetooth-connected black beauty boasts a GPS feature called Mission Stamp, which records time and location and then passes that data along to your smartphone, in addition to tracking latitude and longitude. It’s perfect for a pilot, or just someone who runs like a bat out of hell.

(Photo: G-SHOCK)

It also keeps track of time down to the millisecond. Through G-SHOCK’s patented Hybrid Wave Ceptor technology, it receives GPS satellite signals and terrestrial radio signals to ensure timekeeping precision.

The new Gravitymaster also bares those trademark G-SHOCK features of shock resistance, water resistance down to over 650 feet and LED light for nighttime use. 

(Photo: G-SHOCK)

All that functionality goes for $800 and is now available at select G-SHOCK stores and online.