This Gadget Will Make Cheap Beer Taste Better

The secret, of course, is better head.

Aiming to make a good thing even better is Fizzics, and Indiegogo-funded start up that unleashes the power of carbonation to create a beer-guzzling experience that’s brew-pub quality right at home. Compatible with every bottle or can on the market, Fizzics has a built-in tap and patented infusion technique that will deliver a denser, bubblier head on your beer. 

The result? A foam head that locks in flavor. Using high frequency sound waves to diffuse gas, it keeps good bubbles in, and releases the ones responsible for more bitter or unpleasant notes. Plus it allows for the careful, controlled pours that you’ve come to expect from your local bartender. 

While we can’t confirm or deny the superior taste of a Fizzics-poured beer, backers on Indiegogo apparently agree, and have funded $68,963 of the $50K goal they set. Donate $119 to the campaign and see for yourself if better head solves everything.