Transform Your iPhone Into a Video Game Controller

Gamevice’s upcoming cradle puts serious console-style controls in iPhone gamers’ hands.

Since the dawn of the millennium when phone graphics first boldly leapt in comparability from Etch A Sketch to Atari 2600, would-be mobile gamers have sought out better ways to control their games than simply mashing the numerical keypad with their clumsy meathooks. Especially with the advent of touchscreen mobile devices, a better solution was wanting. Sure, nowadays you can just pop on a joystick for basic games, but given the crazy graphics engines of today’s complex gaming experiences, a more tricked out controller is necessary. Enter the Gamevice.

Already available for Mini iPads, they’re about to release new ones (as soon as October, but definitely in time for holiday shopping) for the iPad Air and iPhone 6. This is huge for iPhone users—that is, in terms of the news; the accessory itself is actually quite svelte and conveniently folds up.

As you can see, it comes with all the buttons, triggers, joysticks and bumpers you’d expect on a modern console gaming controller, plus the built-in lightning connector. For $100, it’ll transform any iteration of iPhone 6 into a mobile gaming monster.

Photos by Gamevice