Geargirl: Cobra CXR925 MicroTalk

We’ve got an inside deal on some merch on the cheap. You in? 

Remember Walkie Talkies? Of course you do, your girlfriend just threw yours out yesterday! Today, Rotocade has got the Cadillac of all Walkie-Talkies, the Cobra MicroTalk CXR925. Walk and talk in the woods, in the Subway (although you are likely to be put on an FBI watch-list if you do this), and wherever else you’ve got bad service! These high powered suckers have the strongest signal allowed by law (35 miles) and come with two lithium batteries of the highest capacity. Oh, and it’s a radio too, but don’t let that stop you from pretending to be John McClane.,AAAAkQZlnsk~,bCLSRLBZ_62yxqjeC9SDACuZf0Mg937I&bctid=847286393001