Geargirl: Garmin Astro 220 Dog Tracking GPS Bundle

We’ve got an inside deal for some merch on the cheap. You in?

Today has totally sucked–your girlfriend left you for your boss, you boss fired you for stalking his new girlfriend, and you lost your dog while running away from an angry, torch-wielding mob who mistook you for the fiend that’s been terrorizing their village lately (we told you to lose the cape, but would you listen?). Unfortunately, we can’t bring back your girl or your job (or appease the villagers without a blood sacrifice), but we do have a deal to help you keep track of your dog. The Garmin Astro 220 Dog Tracking GPS Bundle has a collar that attaches to your pup, then lets you keep track of everywhere he goes with the handheld GPS device, so he can play outside while you barricade the doors. Click on the Buy Now button to score the Astro from Rotocade.,AAAAkQZlnsk~,bCLSRLBZ_62yxqjeC9SDACuZf0Mg937I&bctid=898544194001