Geargirl: The Happy Hour Timepieces Bottoms Up Watch

We’ve got an inside deal for some merch on the cheap. You in?

Memorial Day has come and gone, leaving its usual three-day weekend psychological scars, and now we’re officially in cookout season, where you can get some very real burn scars instead – hooray! Check out today’s deal on Rotocade to score on the perfect backyard buddy for all the upcoming BBQs this summer. The Happy Hour Timepieces Bottoms Up Watch does everything you’d expect a watch to do (like tell the time and, er, well, tell the time, basically), but also has the handy ability to function as a bottle opener. The water-resistant watch is available in three colors (brown, gold, and green) and is made with stainless steel. So head to Rotocade today to get your swag and drink on at the same time.