Geargirl: iSuper Backup Battery

We’ve got an inside deal on some merch on the cheap. You in?

Here’s a typical modern-day scenario: you’re out with a dead phone and no charger, or you do have a charger, but no electrical outlet, or you do have a charger and an electrical outlet, but there’s an angry, 800lb talking gorilla standing in the way and you’re wearing your “Gorillas are all a bunch of dicks” t-shirt… either way, it sucks and you’re going to be missing tons of important phone calls and texts. (But more likely, you just miss your Angry Birds.) Luckily, the iSuper Backup Battery can save you from this dilemma–this puppy lasts for four days and can charge up your iPhone three times. Head to Rotocade for this deal and never be without your precious games and apps… er, we mean social life, again.,AAAAkQZlnsk~,bCLSRLBZ_62yxqjeC9SDACuZf0Mg937I&bctid=843394133001