Geargirl: LaCie XtremKey All-Terrain USB Flash Drive

We’ve got an inside deal for some merch on the cheap. You in?

You chop wood, eat steak and drink whiskey – or have at least thought about doing one of these things at some point in your life while watching The View. You’re a man’s man! But that thumb drive in your pocket is practically made of plastic and could break sooner than that free condom you got from the guy standing outside the train station, right before your girlfriend said she needed to talk and you ended up using it to strangle a stray cat (what, just us?). Well, we can’t help you out with that one, but Rotocade’s newest solution to all thing’s man is the LaCie XtremKey All-Terrain USB Flash Drive. With the zamac alloy shell, this little guy can withstand even the toughest of times. Whether it falls in the toilet, a fire, or somehow makes it in the fridge with the Bud, nothing compares to this indestructible invention. Click “Buy Now,” or forever hold your inferior plastic piece.