Geargirl: Looxcie Camcorder

We’ve got an inside deal on some merch on the cheap. You in?

If your life is more exciting (but ideally less poop-filled) than the Jackass guys, then record every second of it with this Looxcie Camcorder that you can buy on Rotocade today. The Looxcie is a wearable camera with an earbud that syncs with your bluetooth and uses your smartphone as a viewfinder to record everything from your point of view. So put it on, jump off roofs, wrestle with poisonous snakes, and keep living your badass life all on camera for the (YouTube) world to see.,AAAAkQZlnsk~,bCLSRLBZ_62yxqjeC9SDACuZf0Mg937I&bctid=879786328001