Geargirl: Munitio Nine Millimeter Earphones

We’ve got an inside deal for some merch on the cheap. You in?

Never before have we felt more like 50 Cent than now … and that one time we prank-called Ja Rule and took his girl to the candy shop. Good thing we have lawyers. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), we now have two bullets in the head, fortunately in the form of the Munitio Black Nine Millimeter Earphones from Rotocade. Designed with machined copper alloy coated in titanium, this world’s first Tactical Earphones keep the sounds you want in and all the rest out. Paired with a Suppressor [M]ic Control for hands free operation on your iPhone and, make the noise, Drroooiiid, these earphones won’t shoot blanks like your past earphones. This nine can withstand a military combat operative involving a huge explosion, shrapnel and a fire-breathing dragon (this may not be covered by your warranty or guaranteed in any way, but doesn’t it sound good?). Click “Buy Now” and get your good reason for not hearing your lady friend ask you to take the trash out.