Geargirl: Nebo Redline Flashlight

We’ve got an inside deal for some merch on the cheap. You in?

Are you afraid of the dark ? We’re not. We are, however, totally terrified of all the witches, goblins and monsters that lurk in it. Be like us and carry around the Nebo Redline Tactical Flashlight Strobe from Rotocade to scare them away (or, y’know, totally give away your location to local serial killers). The Redline has five lighting modes– 100% white light, 50% white light, 10% white light, S.O.S. mode, or emergency strobe mode. Oh and by the way, looking directly into the light of the Redline causes temporary blindness, so that knowledge may come in handy when the crazy woodsman comes running after you in the forest. Maybe. Good luck!