Geargirl: ProCircuit Putt Return System

We’ve got an inside deal for some merch on the cheap. You in?

Hey MAXIM readers, we’re all gonna get laid! Now that our one Caddyshack joke is out of the way and sadly false, we are probably just going to get this new putting green because the office hot tub is out of order. Considered the best putt return system available, the ProCircuit Putt Return System presented by Rotocade includes a built-in putter stand and back stop, track and diverter which will return your ball right back to you from wherever you hit it, and an adjustable 3-, 6- or 9-foot mat. Whether you swing right or left, you can be screaming “IT’S IN THE HOLE” all day long if you click “Buy Now.” And to think we told you we’d stop at one. Now, who wants a Baby Ruth?