Geargirl: SanDisk Sansa Clip Plus 4GB Flash MP3 Player

We’ve got an inside deal for some merch on the cheap. You in?

Being a playa ain’t easy, and neither is being a player. You know — an MP3 player. Pressure is always on your shoulders to hold more, perform better and, above all, last longer than the others. It’s easier now than it was before with the SanDisk Sansa Clip Plus 4GB Flash MP3 Player from Rotocade. Nothing says “buzzkill” more than when you’re going at it and your piece craps out on you mid-performance. So many Jazzercize classes gone un-Jazzercized, road trips driven in silence and children gone unborn because your little player couldn’t make it through without failing you. Don’t cry, there’s still hope for you. With a song capacity of 1,000 songs, 12 hours of video and 15 hours of battery life, this new device has the stamina of the digital gods and even better — an FM tuner, voice recorder and is microSD, microSDHC or slotRadio card friendly. What are you waiting for…the iPhone 4 to go on sale? Listen to your heart and click “Buy Now.” We apologize in advance for any damages made by that link. Ah heck, now it’s in our heads too.