Geargirl: Sony PS3 DUALSHOCK 3 Controller

We’ve got an inside deal for some merch on the cheap. You in? 

Wish your girlfriend wanted to play with your gaming console every day as much as you do? Well, look no further, because the Sony PS3 DUALSHOCK 3 Controller from Rotocade is ready to explode with sensitive SIXAXIS motion sensing technology. Which won’t encourage your girlfriend to play more, but hey, we made you look! As for the pad itself, pressure sensors in each action button provide you (and your partner, if you ask nicely) with the most intuitive, pleasurable gaming experience since that time you played PacMan while sitting in a bowl of warm rice pudding. Click “Buy Now,” and this USB-rechargeable game-changer will shock your world to its core or, at least, make your neck fat jiggle a little bit. And if that doesn’t get your girlfriend excited, nothing will!