Geargirl: Stanley 10 Piece Standard-Fluted Screwdriver Set

We’ve got an inside deal for some merch on the cheap. You in?

Ever since we were young, people have been telling us we had a few screws loose. Shout out to you, Mrs. Wood, from tenth grade shop class. Sure, we cried about it on a lot of couches to a man with a bald spot, eyeglasses and a pen and paper, but now that we’ve got this awesome set of screwdrivers (and after we found out it wasn’t personal), life couldn’t be better. What does any of that have to do with this, you ask? Not much; but the Stanley 10 Piece Standard-Fluted Screwdriver Set presented by Rotocade comes with two pocket, two stubby, four slotted and one-point and two-point Phillips screwdrivers providing a tight and secure finish on any project. Designed with slip-resistant, tri-lobular and ergonomic handles, these pieces make getting it in easier than ever (bald man- and couch-free). Stop worrying about whether you have the correct tool for the job and say goodbye to blisters and your rusted tools forever. Click “Buy Now” for this bargain and you won’t be tempted to drink a screwdriver after every attempt to conquer that stripped screw ever again. On second thought, that sounds like a sad, sad little world. Now where’s that orange juice?