Geargirl: Stanley 500 Amp Jumpstarter

We’ve got an inside deal on some merch on the cheap. You in?

If you left your car lights on again, you’re a dum-dum. Now, sadly there’s nothing we can do about that – you’re a dum-dum for life. However, the Stanley 500 Amp Jumpstarter will at least charge you up and get everything running again smoothly, so people don’t find out just how much of a dum-dum you are. Visit Rotocade to score on this deal today. So go ahead, keep doing all the dumb things you wanna do, just make sure you’ve got the Stanley 500 to back you up.,AAAAkQZlnsk~,bCLSRLBZ_62yxqjeC9SDACuZf0Mg937I&bctid=859083728001