Geek Out on the World’s Coolest Luxury Watches

From Rolex to Cartier and beyond, The Watch Book is a stunning visual ode to fine timepieces. 

In the age of smartphones, watches are often tragically overlooked. After all, those addictive hand-held computers in our pockets already tell us what time it is, along with practically everything else.

But luxury wristwatch aficionados would point out that a classic timepiece is still the most essential of all man jewelry (with the possible exception of a wedding ring) and a watch’s ticking presence is a sure sign that its owner takes time—and personal style—seriously.

The Watch Book, edited by Gisbet Brunner, is a lavish tribute to the craftsmanship, aesthetics, and fine materials used by vaunted European watchmakers like Rolex, Patek Phillippe, Hubolt and Cartier.

For a preview, check out the bevy of beautiful wristwatches in the slideshow to ensure that you’re always on time.