4 Ways the New Gerber Multitool May Have Just Dethroned Leatherman

Tool Time just got a whole lot more interesting.

The Gerber Gear Center Drive multi-tool (Photo: Gerber)

You might very well need to skin a snake or defuse a bomb or give a bear a French manicure someday, but then again there are probably at least a few extra functions taking up space on your multi-tool that you’ll never really use.

The drive behind Gerber’s new multi-tool, the Center-Drive, is a better design of the primary, everyday tools you pack an EDC for in the first place.

Here are four ways this one outdoes Leatherman’s popular Wave model:  

1. An Ergonomic, Full-Sized Center Axis Driver. 
It’s nice having a screwdriver function on a multi-tool, but most are too small and fairly awkward to use for anything other than prying open the battery compartment on your remote control. Gerber’s gives you a standard size and the kind of torque that gets any job done easier, just like you’re used to with a regular screwdriver.

2. A Magnetic, Standard Replaceable Bit Set. 
This is the kind of feature that makes it not only a versatile everyday carry, but the kind of tool you’d actually use even when you’re working on a project in the shop.

3. One-Thumb Opening Pliers. 
You want pliers to get a hold of and tighten something, so you shouldn’t have to fumble to get access to them. Gerber’s puts spring-loaded pliers right at your instant command.

4. A 30% Longer Out Board Knife. 
Let’s face it, blades are just one of those areas of life where size actually does matter. And this one’s significantly longer.

Of course, those aren’t the only functions. But just on their own, they may just provide a compelling enough reason for you to rethink your multi-tool of choice.
Starting next week, you’ll be able to order this handy beauty.

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